I'm Benito. I write comics; for example: Tales from the Bully Pulpit, The Tick New Series, Guarding the Globe, Hector Plasm, and EVEN MORE. I will talk about these AND MORE. FOR FREE, on your very own personal computing device.

Anonymous asked: hey! would you be willing to share a little more about yourself personally? age? schooling/degrees? married? kids? is writing comics your primary work? are you from KY? Your blog has always been really interesting to me for a number of reasons (classics! linguistics! comics!) and after a while I just find myself wondering about the person behind the words :) Apologies if it's too personal!

Hey, sure, okay.

In order:

1) I am in my early 30s

2) I have a BA in Classics and English, and an MA in Classics with a graduate certificate from the Institute for Latin Studies. I went to a small liberal arts school for undergrad and the University of Basketball for grad school.

3) I am not married, but I have a girlfriend named Sarah who I’ve been with for about seven years now. The intention (on my part, anyway) is to get married as soon as I can afford a wedding/ring/marriage license. So buy my books, I guess.

4) I do not have any children, but I do like kids, and I interact with kids and teens on a daily basis in my non-writing job, so I talk about them frequently. There is one 13 year old I tweet about frequently who is often mistaken as being my own child by people on Twitter who are vastly overestimating what I was getting up to in college.

5) Writing comics is not my only job. I work with children, as I just said, and I also pick up odd jobs here and there as they are presented to me. This leads me to doing all sorts of crazy things that no normal person in their 30s should have to be reasonably doing, like driving a truck with a dead baby horse in it across town to a veterinary research facility, or mailing a puppy to Canada.

Anyway, I wish comics was my main job, but it’s not quite there. #hireable

6) I live in Kentucky now, and have lived here for eleven years, making it the longest I have ever lived in one place, but I am not from here originally. I lived in lots of different places growing up, but decided once I was living on my own to make Kentucky my home. I don’t have any intention of leaving if I don’t have to.

I think that about covers it? Yeah? Thanks for asking!

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